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"There is only one story to be told, one story that makes a difference, and that is the story of hope."

I was born and raised in poverty. At a very young age, my family migrated to America. Being given another chance at life, I threw myself into the pursuit of the “American dream.” With determination to succeed, fueled by an intense desire to build up my personal kingdom, I worked hard, and in time gained all that the world could offer. However, success did not provide that deep joy and peace which my soul longed for...

In my pursuit of purpose, I stumbled upon the truth about life and discovered a love that captured my heart. Learning that I am loved by the One who created me and destined me to be an instrument of hope, living became meaningful. Offering the destitute a shot at tomorrow, an opportunity to dream, and the courage to believe in miracles - this is my true desire. For me it is the way of gaining real contentment in life.

Compassion for the poor challenged me to leave my comfortable nest in the states, surrender my pride and possessions, and go out to share life with the poverty-stricken. With a suitcase filled with faith, a heart drenched in love, and a mind readied to serve, all things are possible. For it is in giving that I may receive.

With faith and vision, a school was started in the remote parts of the Vietnamese highlands to give love and promote equality for all children. A life-skill training center was established to serve and protect the most vulnerable from the sex trafficking industry. This work has brought a positive change to the community, enhanced the quality of life for the impoverished, and opened the door to allow hope to spread. Education is the cornerstone of transformation.

As I invest my heart to transform lives through love, no greater joy can equate to that of helping the poor and needy – for they too deserve to live abundantly. I have tasted the freedom of owning nothing, yet gaining everything through giving.

Love compels me to give until I can give no more, to sacrifice all for even just one little boy or girl to have a better life, to count my loss as their gain and my pain as their hope. For nothing compares to the joy of serving. Indeed, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Would you join me in securing the eternal future of the forgotten children on the fields?  Together we can become givers to those left behind. We can make a difference.


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